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Writer's Workshop: A Sleuth Mystery Editor

March, 2007

Hypothetical Software Embraces User-Created Content

Through the years, Sleuth has benefited from the hard work and enthusiasm of our players. In an effort to better harness the creative energy of the Sleuth community, Hypothetical Software proudly presents The Writer’s Workshop: an on-line editor that gives you the power to create your own Sleuth Mysteries.

  • Write and Play your own Scripted Mysteries!
  • Share them with your friends!
  • Submit them for publication to Sleuth’s worldwide audience!

The Writer’s Workshop is an easy to use on-line editor that allows for the creation and editing of original Scripted Mysteries. You can find the Workshop in the City Hall section of Sleuth.

We’re looking forward to playing your creations!

About Sleuth

Sleuth (www.playsleuth.com) is an open-ended, detective role playing game (RPG) where you solve mysteries by searching for clues, questioning suspects and interviewing witnesses. Every mystery is unique with different victims, suspects and clues. All mysteries are solvable, in fact there are always two ways to solve any single mystery, but player skill and a small amount of luck are necessary to nab the guilty suspect.

Sleuth is published by Hypothetical Software Inc.